Bathroom Remodeling | Neutral Colors in the Bathroom

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Bathroom Remodeling | Neutral Colors in the Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling | Choosing a neutral color palette for your bathroom redesign doesn’t have to be boring and safe. These shades offer a chance to bring sophistication, classic simplicity, and contemporary flare into a room without needlessly playing to trends that may be quickly outdated.

Neutrals span the entire spectrum from warm shades of ivory and light taupe to cool shades of slate gray and bright white. A blend of neutrals offers the opportunity to draw in traces of many color families into a single, cohesive design, while maintaining a streamlined and contemporary look. Do you like warmer tones? You could pull in sleek square tiles in a light brown shade on the walls and floor with a rich dark wood vanity. Add in sleek, modern fixtures for the shower and sink to give the entire bathroom a warm inviting air that seems at once modern and timeless.

Going to the other end of the spectrum, cooler shades with bright white tiles on the walls and pale gray marble on the vanity top can add a calming and spa-like tranquility to the room. You can still bring a contemporary feel to neutral tones, for example, by creating a unique tile layout in the shower or a modern shape to the sink faucet. While these pieces might be a concession to a current trend, the seamless blending with a classic color scheme will go a long way toward transforming them into timeless pieces.

Blending many shades and tones can offer a unique and exciting design that is far from the typical stigma of boring that usually accompanies neutrals. A design done in a stylish palette of neutrals offers a welcoming bathroom retreat that will seem in style year after year. – Revive Bath

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