Bathroom Remodeling | Personalize Your Space With Shower Niches

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Bathroom Remodeling | Personalize Your Space With Shower Niches

Bathroom Remodeling | What’s more frustrating than a shower with no storage space? You have your shower necessities, like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, essential oils—the list can go on forever if you’re really into pampering products. So what do you do when you have nowhere to put them?

You can grab one of those wire racks that balance over the shower head, but those shelves never seem to stay put and small objects like razors tend to fall off. Balancing bottles on the edge or corner of the tub works until reaching for one bottle sends the whole lot cascading to the floor. Of course, stacking the bottles on the floor in the corner of the shower is always an option. But that just feels like giving up, and looks cluttered and messy.

The best way to go is adding custom built in niches when you remodel your shower. Niches give you the perfect space for storing bath products and a custom design makes sure everything stays neatly and efficiently in place. Make sure you take stock of your shower essentials when designing the niche. If you know you tend to have larger bottles, make sure the height is sufficient for your needs. A deeper niche gives the option to store extra items like washcloths and loofahs.

Beyond functionality, niches are also a great way to add designer touches. A long, horizontal niche is out of the ordinary and intriguing. It instantly becomes a great focal point in the shower design. Using accent tiles inside the space provides emphasis and visual appeal, as well. If your niche is going to be larger and include multiple shelves, the shelves themselves are another great way to add visual interest by choosing unique materials. Glass and contrasting stone are popular options.

Shower niches are a must when you consider creating your dream bathroom and can go a long way toward creating a functional and beautiful design. – Revive Bath

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