Bathroom Remodeling | Shopping Tips for Your Next Faucet

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Bathroom Remodeling | Shopping Tips for Your Next Faucet

Bathroom Remodeling | You’ll need to take both aesthetic appeal and practicality into account when replacing or adding a new faucet to your kitchen or bathroom. Faucets are a type of fixture that tend to stand out, so you obviously want something that looks good, but you also need something that works well and doesn’t waste water since you’ll likely be using it frequently.

Your Budget

The first thing you should take into consideration when you start any kind of home improvement project is how much money you can sink (pun intended) into the project. If you’re undergoing an entire bathroom renovation, for example, you might not have as much money to spend on a new faucet as you would if your project just consisted of replacing an old faucet. On the other hand, because your faucet is used on a daily basis, you may find that it’s worth it to invest a little more in a high-quality fixture now so that you don’t have to replace it as frequently.

The Materials

You have a number of choices when it comes to the material of your faucet, including brass, zinc, and plastic. Plastic is the cheapest option, but it’s best to steer clear of this material because it doesn’t hold up well against regular exposure to water. Faucets with zinc-alloy bodies and chrome- or brass-plated fittings fall in the mid-price range (generally starting around $70) and are relatively durable. However, because zinc corrodes when exposed to water, you’ll need to replace the faucet once the plating begins to wear off. Faucets with solid-brass bodies are the most expensive (usually starting around $150), but they also deliver the greatest durability and require the least maintenance.

The Style and Finish

One primary concern that many homeowners have when selecting faucets is making sure that their new fixtures match the style of the room. For example, if your bathroom design is influenced by the Victorian period, you might want to select a classic faucet design with porcelain handles and an antique brass finish as opposed to a more modern-looking faucet with a chrome finish. Fortunately, there is no shortage of design and finish options, so you shouldn’t have a problem matching your new faucets to your existing design influences. If you’re unsure what will look best in your space, talk to a trusted home remodeler in your area.

The Practicality

Although it’s fun choosing the look of a new faucet, you also need to think about a few practical issues. Families with kids may want to invest in one that is sturdier, or even consider a faucet that is turned on and off by motion sensors (in order to keep the little ones from leaving the water running). You’ll also need to think about the distance between the faucet and the sink’s basin. This is especially important for a kitchen sink, where a too-high faucet can result in splashing and a too-low faucet can make it difficult to wash large pots and other dishes.

Saving Energy

If you’re concerned about your home’s water usage and are looking for ways to protect both the environment and your water, it is possible to find a specialized low-flow bathroom faucet. The nice thing about these faucets, in addition to the fact that they waste less water than a normal-flow faucet, is that they don’t compromise style. You can purchase them in a wide range of designs, materials, and finishes, with both ultra-modern and more classic appearances.

Your faucets are some of the most important fixtures in your home, so take the time to do your research before you select new ones. You’ll want to make sure you’re choosing faucets that will last a long time and add to the beauty of your home. – Cole Builders

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