Bathroom Remodeling | Small Design Ideas You Can Try

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Bathroom Remodeling | Small Design Ideas You Can Try

Bathroom Remodeling | Designing a small bathroom is not complicated. Here are some small bathroom designs that you can try:

Focus on Vanity 

Create a wonderful focal point in your bathroom with timeless furniture-style vanities. You can choose the style or theme of vanity that you want; make sure it is coordinated with the overall color of your bath. Wooden vanities are a classic choice and all-time favorite of designers. A nice vanity placed over the bathtub also creates an illusion of bigger space.

Splash Some Colors on Accessories

Maintain a neutral or white shade on your fixtures and wall. This makes the room look brighter and adds an illusion of a larger space. Put a dash of color in your bath by picking colored accessories, printed towels or shower curtains, suggests HGTV.

Add Storage in Your Space

You don’t need to display huge furniture storage in your space. Put floating shelves for easy storage without eating up a large space. You can also put sink skirts to add style and cover up cleaning materials, Freshome reports. A storage ladder is also a great space to pile containers or place stackable wooden crates that can be hanged on your wall.

Consider Functionality

In a small bathroom, the element of functionality is very important. Don’t pile up things that are not needed. Take away clutter by putting minimal display on your counter. Put hamper under the sink. You can display stackable baskets above your washer or put it under cabinets. Make sure you have floating shelves that save a lot of space.

Continuous floor tiles

“It makes the room feel larger,” Designer Alla Akimova says. “If I had changed materials, it would have interrupted the space.” – Realty Today

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