Bathroom Remodeling | Tech Upgrades for Your Bathroom

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Bathroom Remodeling | Tech Upgrades for Your Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling | A well-designed bathroom can be more than just a place to wash up in the morning – it can be a hub of luxury and comfort, all conveniently located in your home. Much of this luxury comes from the fixtures and material selections used in your bathroom, such as faucets, cabinets, and floor tiling.

While much of the aesthetic comes from what your selections are regarding materials and fixtures, don’t overlook the impact a few state-of-the-art technologies can have on your way of life and relaxation. The following tech innovations can add conveniences to your bathroom without sacrificing the style of your existing space.


The Kohler® DTV digital interface system provides unprecedented control, from water flow to lights and music.

Showering should give you time to relax and recharge, and you can do just that with a nifty gadget from Kohler. The Kohler DTV is a digital interface system that allows you to control your shower water flow, lights, steam levels, music, and more, all from an easy-to-read waterproof LCD display mounted right on the shower wall. The system even has a chromotherapy rain panel, which uses principles of light and color therapy to boost your relaxation.

The DTV connects to media through your internet connection, so your showers will always have the perfect soundtrack.


Fireplaces add extra warmth and comfort to modern bathrooms while also perfectly complementing the sleek beauty of the architecture.

After a long day at work or a cold afternoon shoveling the driveway, nothing feels better than taking a relaxing bath in your master bathroom spa. The only way it could possibly be better is if you had a fireplace installed right alongside your tub to add extra warmth, comfort and class. Fireplaces also provide a nice decorative element that perfectly complements your bathroom’s design, no matter the overall style.


Avoid bathroom mirror fogging with LED technology.

Whether you are tired of your mirrors fogging up during a hot shower or simply feel like the bright lights from your wall sconces or ceiling lamps are ruining the serene mood of your bathroom, LED mirrors offer a compelling alternative. With heating and lighting functions, these mirrors can be placed inside your shower and pre-heated before you climb in, so that they are ready to de-fog themselves. Their natural-colored lighting also makes it easy to apply makeup and perform other morning preparation rituals without glare and harsh undertones.

Best of all, most LEDs have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. Because of this, the light and heat you get from your LED mirror will be far more energy-efficient and longer lasting than most lamps or bathroom fans.

Another option for LED technology is accent lighting. This type of lighting is usually placed around the vanity or under the cabinet. As efficient as an LED mirror, this lighting option makes those nocturnal visits to the bathroom a little easier.


Tired of your harsh, pounding shower head? With an Hansgrohe AIR shower head, you will never have to worry about that issue again. These showerheads infuse each droplet of water with air that not only provides a soft and soothing shower experience, but also helps to conserve water. The built-in anti-calcification technology makes these products among the easiest-to-clean on the market.

Whether you choose to add one or all of these technologies to your bathroom redesign, you will be making an investment in your own comfort. A well-designed bathroom should be a place to recharge and completely relax, and each of these gadgets help in their own way. Use these innovative ideas to dream up a bathroom design that is personal to you. – Revive Bath

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