Bathroom Remodeling | The Master Bathroom Wish List (Pt. 1)

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Bathroom Remodeling | The Master Bathroom Wish List (Pt. 1)

Bathroom Remodeling | I’m in the planning stages of a major renovation to my 100-plus-year-old San Francisco cottage — a big component of which is the addition of a master suite.

Really, when it comes to bathrooms, all you need is a functioning toilet, sink, tub and/or shower, and enough space to move around and do your thing. But everyone has those extras they wish for if they had the budget. I’ve assembled a wish list, in no particular order, of my master bathroom features — knowing full well that, due to budget and space constraints, many of these will have to be dropped. But a girl can dream, right? 

See if you agree or disagree with my list and then share in the Comments section what items would be on your list. Some of them might be featured in a follow-up story.

1. Double undermounted sinks. I’m sure there are many of you who take pleasure in brushing your teeth side by side with your beloved, both of you hanging out over the same little sink, but it’s been my experience working with design clients that most prefer having their very own sink. This is especially true if you and your partner have differing ideas about what constitutes a clean sink and faucet deck. 

Whether you go for one or two, I’m a huge fan of undermounted sinks (a sink that is attached at the underside of the countertop, so there’s no raised sink rim). It does require you to use a water-resistant — and therefore more expensive — material for your counter, such as quartz, solid surface, natural stone or concrete, but it makes cleanup so much easier because there’s no lip to trap grime and gunk.

2. Single-handle or touchless faucet and a built-in soap dispenser. OK, confession time: I’m a bit of a germaphobe, so I prefer a single-handle faucet that I can easily turn on and adjust without having to twist multiple knobs. I recently installed a touchless faucet in my kitchen, which has me thinking that might be a good way to go in the bathroom as well. 

Not surprisingly, I go through lots of hand soap, so I like having a built-in soap dispenser right next to the bathroom faucet, attached to a gadget that allows me to pull soap from an economy-size bottle underneath the sink. This enables me and my family to go an astoundingly long period of time between refills.

3. Glass-free, curbless shower. Some of us are willing to squeegee a glass door after every shower and some of us aren’t. I fall into the first category, but my dear husband is firmly in the second camp. I can’t stand seeing soap scum and water spots on shower glass, so I tend to design showers that have no glass at all. This setup does require a pretty sizable shower, however, to prevent water from spraying out the open side of the shower and into the rest of the room. 

I also like the look and functionality of a curbless shower, but it requires a good amount of space underneath the floor to accommodate the plumbing and necessary waterproofing, so it can be tricky to pull off if you are doing a renovation, versus new construction.

4. Wall-mounted toilet. I know, I know; these have a tendency to look rather institutional, but wall-mounted toilets take up less floor space and are so much easier to clean around than standard floor-mounted toilets. You will need an access panel to a room next to or behind the toilet, so you can get to the plumbing if needed, which means, as with the curbless shower, a wall-mounted toilet can be tricky to add during a renovation.

I should point out that this beautiful bathroom is anything but institutional looking, thanks to the use of natural materials — the wood and river rock.

5. Separate water closet. As long as we’re talking toilets, how about a separate room for one? This configuration is fairly common in some European countries, as well as in Australia and Japan, but until recently was rather unusual in the United States. It obviously requires more space than a setup where the toilet is out in the open, but if you relish your privacy and have the space for it, it’s a nice bathroom amenity. – Houzz

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