Bathroom Remodeling | The Master Bathroom Wish List (Pt. 2)

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Bathroom Remodeling | The Master Bathroom Wish List (Pt. 2)

Bathroom Remodeling | More great items to add to that master bathroom wish list!

6. Radiant-heat floors. Many homeowners forgo furnaces here in San Francisco, where the weather is normally quite mild. However, it still gets chilly enough by the bay to warrant a way to heat up a space, especially on winter mornings. Radiant-heat floors are the perfect solution. They aren’t cheap to install but they can be a cost- and energy-efficient way to heat your bathroom in the long run, especially if you install the hydronic variety.

7. Low-maintenance vanity top. I’m generally a neat person, but if I’m running late while getting ready in the morning, I have a tendency to leave a trail of makeup and hair products that may not get cleaned up until later in the day. For this reason I prefer a vanity countertop that is resistant to stains, etchings and other funkiness. This countertop may look like Carrara marble, but I’m guessing it’s actually made of marble-look quartz.Quartz is my go-to bathroom vanity-top material, because of the low upkeep required to keep it looking good.

8. Minimal grout. I’m probably going to get my designer credentials yanked for saying this, but I’m just not a big fan of loads of tile in a room (all that grout!). Yes, you can seal grout, but I find that, especially in wet areas like showers, sealed grout can still get moldy and gross. So I’m gathering ideas for tile- and grout-free showers and love the shower seen here, clad in cool concrete and corrugated metal. Of course, those corrugated panels probably require a good bit of work to keep clean and pristine (and rust free), so I may have to keep hunting for another option.

9. Proper lighting. Good lighting is vital in a bathroom, and I prefer it via natural daylight — both for energy efficiency’s sake as well as aesthetics. The window above the vanity here is high enough to allow light in without offering a peep show, so light-blocking window treatments aren’t needed. There is also a large window in the shower, with privacy glass, that brings in plenty of sunshine. The wall sconces and a couple of ceiling fixtures provide ample lighting after the sun goes down.

10. Walk-in closet. I’m not a morning person, so anything I can do to ease and streamline my morning routine is a big deal for me. Being able to step out of the shower and directly into my closet to get dressed would be a huge time-saver.

11. Adequate ventilation. Of course, if your clothes and shoes are shower-adjacent, you’re going to need a good bathroom exhaust system to pull the moisture out of the air quickly. Don’t skimp on your bathroom ventilation. Preventing mold growth and peeling paint is worth spending the extra few dollars on a good vent.

12. Personality. Last but in no way least, a bathroom should reflect you and your individual taste and style. I work with many clients who use ideabooks to assemble inspirational images for their projects, but I always encourage them to be creative and avoid copying every single detail about someone else’s dream home. Sure, take inspiration from a color or material you like, but expand on it and make it work for you and your space. – Houzz

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