Bathroom Remodeling in the Winter Time

Bathroom remodeling can be an inexpensive and quick way to renovate and add value to your home. Bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms in your house and are easily updated. You may be tempted to push your project to spring or summer–the most popular time for a renovation project but consider winter first.

Money Savings

Completing your bathroom remodeling project in the winter can yield significant money savings. Because fewer renovations are being done in the winter time, demand is lower for the materials you will need to complete your project such as new flooring, paint, hardwood and more. Home stores may also clearance their stock during the winter months in order to make room for new trends for the following year.

Contractors often offer lower prices in the winter time to help keep their workflow steady in the offseason. Hiring a contractor for your winter bathroom remodel is also smart because they are connected to many different vendors that can also produce money-saving results. Your contractor may not be bogged down with a lot of work which can free up time to focus on your project. This means your bathroom can be finished in less time which saves more money.

Keep In Mind…

If you want to complete your bathroom remodeling project in the winter, do it early in the season, this way, you can insulate your pipes at the same time to protect against freezing as the winter drags on.

If you want floors that are easy to care for, choose a tile that is nonporous or has a glaze finish. Bathrooms are also hazardous for slips and floors on wet flooring. Choosing a flooring option that is textured, or designing your floor to use small tiles with many grout lines can reduce slippage.

If you are replacing outlets, replace the wiring. Bathroom wiring gets a lot of abuse from high powered hair dryers and plugging in other electronics. Use this time to update your bathroom electrical wiring.

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