Best Siding for Your Home Remodeling Project

 When you are finishing up a home remodeling project that includes a new addition to your home, you will need to finish the walls with exterior siding. Many people choose this time to replace the siding all around their house. If you’ve owned your home for several years and never thought about replacing the siding, you may be surprised at the different options available.

Vinyl- Vinyl is durable and comes in various colors and textures. Vinyl siding is an excellent choice for homeowners because it can mimic wood grain and even stone siding for a fraction of the cost. Vinyl siding is also easy to use in home remodeling because it is lightweight and easy to install, especially for retrofits. Insulated siding is now available that can help homeowners achieve an energy star efficiency rating on their property. Insulated vinyl siding is slightly more expensive than traditional but is still more affordable than luxury siding.

Wood-Wood siding is a great choice for premium home remodeling projects. Wood sided homes look expensive, and the siding can last generations; however, maintenance is needed at least every two years with a complete refinish usually necessary every five years at an average cost of $3,000. Wood siding is considered sustainable because it is biodegradable and renewable. Engineered wood siding is also available and is a cheaper alternative with similar durability.

Fiber Cement-Fiber cement offers stability and is a low maintenance material that can mimic nearly any kind of siding easily. This manmade material is composed of wood pulp, cement, and clay sand and can be painted and finished with custom options. Cement siding is heavy and requires special equipment for installation that can be costly.

Stucco-Stucco is durable and can add great architectural texture to a home. Most stucco materials are coated in epoxy which prevents chipping. Stucco is not an easy material to DIY and hiring a specialist to assist in your home remodeling project that has experience installing the siding should be considered. Stucco can last the lifetime of the home.

Synthetic Stone-Cement is used to create synthetic stone; however, this type of siding looks very natural and can be made to look like granite, limestone, river rock and more. This type of siding is not often used to cover the entire face of the house but is the perfect material to use for accents.

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