Choosing your Kitchen Cabinets

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Choosing your Kitchen Cabinets Pt 3

Cabinets are often the biggest investment you will make during a kitchen renovation.  If you have been following our blog then you have read the previous two posts on how to choose your kitchen cabinets. We hope here at Medina that you enjoyed this series and contact us here when you are ready to start your renovation.

  1. Do you want painted or stained cabinets? Or a mix of both?

As a general rule, stained cabinets are more expensive than painted cabinets – this is because stained cabinetry must be made out of a quality wood whereas painted cabinets can be crafted out of materials as humble as plywood because paint will hide the material underneath.

  1. Are you open to a combination of open and closed storage?

Design elements like floating shelves or open cabinets are great for two reasons.  First, they can break up a solid run of cabinetry and add visual interest to your space and second, these elements can be cheaper than closed storage!

The reason for the savings is that you aren’t paying for an expensive door or drawer front that has to be crafted by a cabinet maker.  A carpenter can easily whip up a box with shelves for open storage, or you can buy floating shelves from a number of retailers and have them painted to match your cabinets for a seamless look that is easy on your wallet.  Open shelving can also let gorgeous tile take center stage, or act as an affordable solution to an awkward area where a cabinet or bank of drawers doesn’t really work.

  1. What do I want the profile of the cabinetry to look like?

Do you want inset cabinetry (where the drawers and doors are flush with the cabinet frames) or a full overlay (where you can’t see any of the cabinet frame and the doors and drawers are all touching) or a partial overlay (where you can see the cabinet frame between the doors and drawers but they are resting on top of the frame). These options range from the most expensive to the least expensive, because of the amount of precision that goes into crafting the cabinetry.

  1. Are there any bells & whistles that would make my life easier, or that I just want for the sake of wanting? Have you always hated losing your pots and pans into the abyss of a corner cabinet? Then a lazy Susan might be just the answer.  Pull-out trashcans, recycling centers, racks for baking sheets, special bins for dry goods, soft-close drawers . . . the list of upgrades and gadgets that you can add to your cabinetry is truly endless.  If the budget allows, a few of these bells and whistles could add extra function to your new space.

Below are a few of our favorite ‘open cabinets’ inspirational kitchens.

open shelved kitchen cabinets open shelved kitchen cabinets1 open shelved kitchen cabinets


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