Choosing your Kitchen Cabinets Pt 2

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Choosing your Kitchen Cabinets Pt 2

Kitchen Cabinets are often the biggest investment you will make during a kitchen renovation.  There are so many considerations and decisions to make.  Will you choose custom or stock cabinets? Will you install them yourselves?  How much should you set aside in your budget. The key to having confidence in your kitchen cabinetry choices is all about finding the perfect balance between three key elements – your budget, the look and feel you’re going for, and making the most of what you have through space planning. Read below for 3 tips and check back next week for 3 more.

  1. Does my space have any quirks or problem spots that I’ll have to work around?

Maybe you have an awkwardly placed window or a closet that’s housing part of your HVAC system.  Take note of all of these quirks and make sure they’re reflected in any cabinetry plan that you come up with.

  1. Do I have enough storage, or do I need more?

Is your kitchen in dire need of a pantry?  Even if you’re keeping your fixtures and appliances in the same locations don’t think that means that you can’t go crazy changing up the cabinets themselves.  Consider breaking up runs of traditional upper and lower cabinets with a few cabinets that run from the counter top to the ceiling. Or add in extra electrical outlets like our blog here.

  1. What look am I going for?

Whether it’s sleek and modern or rustic and homey, it’s impossible to create a kitchen that you’ll be happy with without having a vision of the finished space.  If you haven’t already, now is the time to browse our gallery for inspiration or visit our pinterest page– maybe you’re drawn to lacquered finishes, or floating shelves, or inset cabinet doors.

These details will guide your choices throughout the renovation as well as impact your budget, so take notes and be as specific as possible.  You might ultimately have to scale back some of your design plans for more budget-friendly choices, but knowing what you like will help you achieve a similar look without blowing your budget.

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