Decking Designs That Invite Entertainment

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There are a variety of ways to design a deck or patio space that will allow you to enjoy more time with friends and family. This planning stage of your deck will be one of the most important times to take different factors into consideration. We’ll cover some of these topics in this article. Decking designs that incorporate these elements will give you a more balanced deck.

The first place to start is with a discussion about the decking materials, size and the railing or lighting options. Decks are commonly made of wood. Cedar is a commonly used material. It is a soft wood that makes a great deck because of its natural weathering properties. It is resistant to rot and weathers to a beautiful silvery-gray color.

You might also like the idea of little to no maintenance that can be provided by a composite decking material. Trex decking is just one such name to keep in mind. This brand brought some of the original composite materials to market and is a leader in innovation of these paper and resin products.

The size of your deck is another thing to keep in proportion. Like with other aspects of your home, the deck should be kept in proportion to the other rooms in your home. One idea that has been suggested is to keep the largest space of your deck no larger than the largest room inside your home. For a deck that will be used for entertaining or that will have a patio set, a minimum size of 12’x12′ is adequate to give you some room to move about.

You can ‘frame’ your deck with the right type of railings. Deck railings include metal and wood choices. Metal railings can provide you with a more maintenance free option, as well as more solid appearance. These and other railings can support the use of deck lighting like rope lights, post cap lights or string lights. Including these properties in your outdoor living area will be a product of great decking designs.


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