Home Remodeling | 10 Easy Ways to Build Your Own Furniture

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Home Remodeling | 10 Easy Ways to Build Your Own Furniture

Home Remodeling | You don’t need to be a master craftsman to furnish your home with style. DIY your way to a dream furniture collection with these 10 stunningly simple projects for every living space.

Bench Beginnings

This space-smart bench is not only the ultimate cure for clutter in a cramped entryway, but it’s also extremely easy to build—it requires just a few materials and an afternoon. After nailing support boards underneath the bench top, attach table legs with leg anchors. Then, paint and distress the bench to maximize storage and style!

Shelf Life

Give a burgeoning book collection a shoulder to lean on with these floating bookshelves built from precut and stained scrap pine boards. Spray-paint the L-brackets and attach them to the wall, then rest the shelves on the brackets. For a seamless finish, paint the screw heads to match.

Slim Storage

Add style and practicality to a narrow span of wall with this simple console table. What sets this version apart from the crowd (aside from its attainable assembly) is the smart use of dining table legs to connect the top and base of the unit. With a few coats of paint and an aged finish, this slim space-saver is sure to catch the appreciative eye of every visitor.

Swing It

Building an indoor swing for your home? Child’s play! This fun and functional hanging canvas chair is perfect for kids and adults alike and can be made with a few basic stitches, some simple knots, and a drill. For a personalized touch, outfit the chair with a painted-on pattern that speaks to your style, and don’t forget to secure the swing to a stainless steel spring snap link in the ceiling for safety.

Industrial Ease

Here’s proof that industrial-style furniture doesn’t have to come at a high price. You can construct the base of this ultramodern side table from L-angles secured with bolts, lock washers, and nuts, and then quickly fasten it to a plywood plank tabletop stained or painted to suit your taste.

Hosed Down

An ordinary rubber air hose makes the perfect deck chair when you weave it through holes drilled along two L-shaped plywood plank frames. Once you get the hose spacing and tension right, enjoy the springy, relaxing support of this surprisingly comfy lounger.

Island Style

Enhance your kitchen’s storage capability by building this space-smart island. The maple plywood base features ample shelves and drawers, while intersecting boards form a crafty wine rack. To complement the rustic butcher-block countertop, paint the island legs, front and side aprons, and cabinet faces a sophisticated, solid hue.

Right Frame of Mind

A minimalist’s dream DIY, this simple bed frame can conceal the unsightly box spring and have you sleeping in sleek style. To create the frame, line pine or whitewood boards around the mattress and secure the frame joints with screws. Then jump in and catch up on your beauty rest!

A Good Sign

Relying on a simple metal-bending technique, these road sign stools are sure to stop traffic in the kitchen. Construct the base of the stools from scrap wood and the seat from a spare road sign bent into a U shape. Secure the seat to the base, then take a bow—and a seat!

Decorative Display

This eclectic pallet TV stand is inexpensive and quick to build, and adds an element of personalized charm to any space. The fun finishing factor is the glass top, which serves as a display case for entertainment essentials, a cool collection, or anything else that suits the owner’s style. – Bob Vila

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