Home Remodeling | 5 Reasons to Build an Addition Onto Your Home

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Home Remodeling | 5 Reasons to Build an Addition Onto Your Home

Home Remodeling | As the general contractor residents know and trust, Medina Exteriors and Remodeling has the answers you need to make the right choices about rehabbing or expanding your home.

For example, one of the most common questions we get is, “Why should I consider building an addition onto my house?”

Five Great Reasons

There are a lot of great responses to that question, but let’s look at the top five:

5. You Need More Room for Your Growing Family

Children truly are a blessing. But they also need room to grow. When your children are still babies, it’s okay to double up or even triple up kids in a single room.

But as they get bigger, boys and girls need their separate spaces. And every kid would always prefer to have their own room.

4. You Want More Personal Space

Whether or not you have children, your home is your own personal space. So most people want room to spread out.

Building an addition to your home can give you new rooms for home theaters, hobbies, office space, and many other uses.

3. Related Living

Families are important. So it’s sometimes necessary to take in an elderly relative or another family member to live with you.

An addition can provide you with related living space where they can have their own place while still residing under your care.

2. Rental Income

Another benefit of related living space is that it can be rented out as a revenue-earning apartment once it’s no longer needed for your relative.

1. Increase Resale Value

A bigger home is always going to be worth more when it’s time to sell your house. It’s often possible to more than recover the cost of the home addition by increasing the selling price. There are many great reasons to consider building an addition onto your home.   Build and Rehab

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