Home Remodeling | 6 Crazy New Ways to Bring the Garden Indoors

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Home Remodeling | 6 Crazy New Ways to Bring the Garden Indoors

Home Remodeling | Winter has officially arrived, which means you’ll be spending more time in the warmth of your home and less enjoying the wonders of the outdoors. If long days stuck inside make you feel restless, it may be time to fill your walls, tables, and even ceilings with some greenery. Try one of these out-of-the-box indoor gardening ideas to relieve cold-weather cabin fever and add a decorative touch to any space.

Pretty Pots

Create your own DIY herb display by mounting a variety of hanging pots on the wall. Once everything is attached, all you’ll need is a watering can to keep the plants hydrated and scissors to snip your fresh and fragrant goodies whenever a recipe calls for them.

Drawer Decor

Combine an old dresser drawer and tray table to create a repurposed planter that’s ripe for display anywhere in the home. Attach the two pieces together with wood glue to keep the drawer sturdy and in place. Finish with a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware, then arrange a few of your favorite potted plants in the drawer for a charming touch of green.

Picture Perfect

If you have a handful of old and lightweight glass frames lying around the house that you don’t know what to do with, grab a hot glue gun, white paint, and white duct tape to turn them into a homey terrarium. Paint the frames and let them dry, then use the tape and glue to secure the glass in place. Pop your plants inside, and position the terrarium in a sunny spot for the ultimate mini greenhouse.

Plant Pods

Instead of potting your plants, try kokedama—a style of Japanese bonsai where you secure a plant’s roots in a ball of soil and moss, held together by an intricate web of string. Once you have the balance right and the roots firmly in place, you can string these mossy balls from the ceiling to create a touch of indoor greenery that’s perfect for a steamy bathroom with limited counter space.

Coffee Talk

Brew a pot of charming decor with this simple yet stunning terrarium idea. All you need for a basic display is an old coffeepot, a few mini air plants, and white sand, but you can enhance the design with all-natural extras like moss and river rock. The combination of low-maintenance greenery and seasonal coziness makes this a lovely accent for any space.

Wonder Wall

This indoor gardening project is almost as simple as hanging a painting. Create your own living wall by mounting a planter (like the Wally One from Woolly Pocket, shown here) above your fireplace, or anywhere else in your home. Fill the planter with kitchen herbs or a range of wild succulents for pretty greenery you can enjoy year-round. – Bob Vila

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