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Kitchen Windows

Many kitchen sinks are located in front of a window. Windows behind kitchen sinks are desirable because they provide a view for whoever is doing the dishes, and they bring light into the whole kitchen. Kitchen windows also provide ventilation. Consider relocating the sink or adding a window behind it during your kitchen remodel.

We recommend operable windows for kitchens, especially in the sink area because they provide ventilation. Unfortunately, operating windows behind sinks requires some reach. If you have sliding windows behind your kitchen sink, consider replacing them with hinged windows. Hinged windows are easier to use in hard to reach areas. Further, replacing double hung windows with casement windows adds more viewing area and contributes to an open, airy kitchen design.

Let’s discuss a few of our favorite types.

Awning Windows. The main benefit of awning windows is that you can keep them open even on a rainy day, and they are easy to operate, even behind kitchen sinks. We recommend awning windows for a wide view behind the sink area, especially if the height between the countertop and the ceiling is limited.kitchen-windows

Casement Windows. Casement windows are the best option for maximizing ventilation. When they are open, the pane catches wind like a sail and directs it inside. Casement windows bring more air inside than other types of windows, even if they are only opened a few inches. While this is a definite benefit on a calm day, it may also result in excessive air movement on a windy day.


Bay Windows. Bay windows are ideal for kitchens that have attractive views. Other benefits are added light, and additional counter space. The center panel of a bay window is usually fixed, and the two side panels are operable and usually casement windows. Casement windows are easier to operate, but since you do not need to reach all the way over the kitchen sink to operate the side panels of a bay window configuration, double-hung windows are also an option. kitchen-window

Which type of window would you add in your Medina home?


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