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Home Remodeling | Remodeling a Room on a Budget


Home Remodeling |  The word ‘home remodeling’ tends to be associated with major expenses and high costs. What most people don’t realize is that remodeling doesn’t have to involve major structural changes or landscaping. A few small and inexpensive changes can also completely revitalize your house and give it a fresh look altogether. Here are a few renovation ideas you can apply:


Textures are one of those subtle things that you don’t really notice that much but have a huge effect on the appeal of a room. A retexturing of the walls and ceiling doesn’t require a high investment and can restore the charm of a home. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you could also try replicating the feel of a 1900 Victorian by applying a joint compound to the textures.

Bathroom remodeling can entail cleaning and scraping of the tiles and flooring. However, the job requires a high level of skill due to the potential for cracks so make sure to get an expert for the job.

Dummy Painting

Wallpapers are old school; newer home remodeling innovations now include dummy painting, which basically means painting over the walls using special techniques such as glazing. The paint used is age resistant and can last for a long time without getting scuffed.

Anything from abstract images to freehand designs can be drawn. Following the premise of a Victorian era home, dummy paint could also be applied around a fireplace to give off the look and feel of real stone. Some have even taken it a step further, using textured paint to produce a suede finish that works magnificently for formal settings such as libraries and dining rooms.

Remodeling, if done properly, can be done on a shoestring budget as well. Contact Medina Exteriors today to get a quote on your next home remodeling project.


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