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Home Remodeling | Skylights are a tricky part of home remodeling. Of course, they add a special something to your home: lots of natural light and brightness with that wonderful sensation of airy space. But they can lead to energy losses, and woe betide you if you compromise on quality. If you want the aesthetics without the leaks, you would do well if you consider the following points: 

Quality and price

As a general rule of thumb, do not go shopping for a skylight on a budget when you are doing home remodeling. This is an installation you really want to splurge on as much as possible. Cheap plastic panels may seem an appealing bargain buy, but they will set you back for years in terms of maintenance costs, and will ultimately be a source of frustration and dissatisfaction. Choosing glass over plastic will generally reap you some solid benefits. While glass is costlier and heavier than plastic, it also lets more light in, and can have more features implemented. 

Energy loss

In the past, skylights, especially those made of plastic, would invariably lead to heat and energy losses. This is because the component materials tended to have low R-values, meaning they couldn’t insulate against heat well. Now, however, you have access to a variety of choices that enable your room to be well-lit and well-heated. Make sure you discuss your options with your contractor.

Installation and Maintenance

Ensure that your contractors take slope and leak avoidance into account when installing the skylight. A quality installation process will minimize your maintenance costs. Skylights typically require very little maintenance outside of cleaning the inside of the surface. However, you’ll need to regularly keep an eye out for common issues such as leaks or cracks. 

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