Home Remodeling Tips: Window & Trim Materials

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Beautifying your home’s exterior will increase its appeal instantly. There are many easy, inexpensive ways to do this. If you are selling your home, many quick and easy fixes can pay off in a faster sale.

But, if you’re going to live in your home for a while, you should seek home remodeling “beauty treatments” that have enduring value.

Windows: Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior

The wonderful thing about windows in home remodeling is that they not only are functional, they can be beautiful as well. Choosing the right windows, quality windows that match the style and feel of the home, can add considerable visual appeal to your home.

Windows allow you to let in light, bring the beauty of nature into your home, make your home feel larger from the inside, and make your home a showpiece from the outside.

What to Look for When Choosing Windows

We always advise home remodeling clients to consider lifetime value when making major home improvements. This becomes particularly important when making your window choices. A long-term view will help you make a better decision about the quality of the windows.

This means to consider things like: Dual and triple pane options; Low-E glass; Heat gain and loss calculations; Break resistance; Wind impact & noise factors, etc. Do your research and get specific evidence that answers these questions before you buy.

Exterior Appeal That Stops Traffic

Once you’ve decided on the quality you want, the next step is to find windows that also dress up your home and enhance your overall home remodeling experience. Here are several tips that will help you do just that:

  • Consider the Depth: Windows can appear recessed, pop out, or be flush with the exterior. You may want to get the advice of an architect for this.
  • Color and Materials: Wood, metal, plastic … what material best matches the quality and style of your home? Color is also important. Should your windows make a statement with color or blend in?
  • Window Grids/Grills: These are the dividers that create the look of smaller window panes within the windows. They can have a dramatic effect on the look of your home.
  • Exterior Trim Options: Shutters and other exterior window framing treatments also change the look of your home. Pay attention to size, color, and style.

Windows are a big investment but pay big dividends in your home’s look and feel, energy efficiency and your personal enjoyment.

Consider your goals and research carefully.


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