Home Remodeling Trends: Smart Windows

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Smart glass – also known less glamorously as switchable glass – is a new breed of windowpane that literally dims and brightens at your command. When you want the sunlight to come flooding in through the windows flick a switch and the built in tint turns off. Night falling? Switch the tint back on and make it as dark as you like. You can even make your smart windows appear opaque for extra daytime privacy.

There are a number of different kinds of smart glass hitting the market and it is helpful to talk to a professional window installer to figure out which would be right for your home. Some smart glass contains liquid crystal (yes the same stuff as in your TV) while some other models are powered by a small electric current. On the lower end of the market there is glass available that acts just like those sunglasses that transition according to how bright the light hitting them is.

If the windows you have are structurally in good shape, a good Medina window installer will be able to simply replace your current window panes with new smart glass ones with very little mess or fuss.

As they are still very much an emerging technology smart windows do cost more than their more traditional counterparts. If you like this home remodeling idea why not go one window at a time if your budget is tight? Over time, like all technology, the prices will drop and then you can have all the windows in your home made a little smarter!


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