Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover My Roof?

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Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover My Roof?

Roofing | Owning a home can be expensive enough, but it can increase unnecessarily when you’re suddenly faced with costly roof repair or replacement.  Please do not make assumptions when it comes to the coverage you carry on your home. If you already have a homeowners insurance policy, or are thinking about purchasing one, you might be asking “Does homeowners insurance cover my roof?”.

The answer is–It depends.  Insurance policies can be complicated and difficult to understand.  There is usually a lot of fine print! And each insurance company covers roof and the exterior of your property differently. Policies have different deductibles, coverage, and exclusions.

Review your existing policy to see exactly what kind of insurance you really have for your roof..But our best advice is to call your insurance provider and ask!  They should be able to adequately explain your policy and add clarification if necessary.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when reviewing your policy or considering a new one:

  • Many policies will take the age of your roof into consideration to determine repair or replacement value.  Know the difference between “actual cash value” coverage and full replacement coverage.  Plenty of companies are moving to an actual cash value model to save them money but that can still leave a decent chunk of change left for you to pay after a claim.
  • Insurance companies have figured out that homes in the Medina area will have a higher probability of hail or storm damage.  Again, in order to save them money, policies are being limited and restrictions added to push the bulk of the cost onto the homeowner.  If your insurance policy has extensive roof repair and replacement restrictions, shop around.
  • Have you asked for an insurance discount for using storm-resistant building materials?  If you’re thinking about building a home or replacing your current roof, check with your insurance company to see what the impact the types of roofing will have on your premium.
  • What are the insurance providers determining factors between roof repair and roof replacement?  Know your policy well enough to get what you paid for.  Don’t get stuck with a roof repair when what you really did need an entire roof replacement.
  • Ask specific questions about coverage on a leaking roof. There are policies that will cover some of the resulting damage to the home while not covering the roof leak itself.  Shop around or simply ask for that extra coverage to be written in.

We can guide you through the insurance claim process and be your advocate through the entire experience.  Call us to have a free inspection done. – All Around Roofing

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