Kitchen Remodeling | Complementary and Contrasting Colors

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Kitchen Remodeling | Complementary and Contrasting Colors

Kitchen Remodeling | Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular remodeling projects. A kitchen can be a very personal space for many people, and is often a central hub of family activity. Hours are spent here preparing food, sharing laughter, and talking. Choosing the perfect color palette for your kitchen is a balance between what will look good and the colors that appeal to you most.

Giving your kitchen new life can be as complex as a full remodel or as simple as fixtures and paint color. The first step to finding a color you’ll love for your kitchen is to start big. Gather all the colors that appeal to you, and then narrow down your choices by thinking about cabinet color, backsplash, appliances and other fixed design elements.

Avoid Trends if Possible

While using the hot colors of the season can be tempting, if you plan on selling at some point, definitely remember to consider resale value while choosing your colors. Trendy colors are trendy for a reason, but will they still be so well liked in future years? Consider going with more neutral tones and using accents like trim, a backsplash, or an accent wall to personalize your space.

Make the Colors Work for You

Colors can really affect the mood of a space, and when you’re painting a well-used area like the kitchen it is a good idea to think about the feel you’re going for when you choose your colors. Different hues can influence everything from mood to appetite to energy level. If you want your kitchen to be a cheery space to get your day started, yellow tones might be for you. Orange is known to stimulate appetite, and blue shades encourage relaxation, and can decrease appetite.

Accentuate the Positive

Paint can be a great way to highlight the areas of the room that you like, and hide those you don’t. Highlight features you love, like the window over your sink or the custom trim around the doorway. If you love your cabinetry, choose a wall color with contrast so they’ll stand out. – Renewal Design

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