Kitchen Remodeling | Creating a High-Tech Kitchen

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Kitchen Remodeling | Creating a High-Tech Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling | Whether you’re planning to put your house on the market or intend to stay in your home for a while and wish to update your current interior, these three kitchen remodel ideas highlight key trends in current kitchen design that many tech-savvy newcomers would find desirable.

1.) Sleek cabinet design and integrated smart appliances: If your aim is to attract tech professionals new to the city, remodeling your kitchen to include appliances featuring smart technology might also warrant adding a minimalist, contemporary style to the rest of the kitchen. Tech-lovers can appreciate the sleek design of frameless or flat-panel cabinetry matching the lines of a brushed-chrome refrigerator or integrated oven. The addition of stainless steel accents on cabinetry, such as metal feet on islands and unembellished pulls on doors and drawers, will bring an overall modern aesthetic to the décor.

2.) Dynamic function with countertops: Maximizing space with large or strategically-placed countertops on perimeters, peninsulas and islands appeals to new homebuyers because of the wealth of function that comes with it. Whether used for cooking meals, entertaining with friends, or meeting with co-workers on new projects, having multi-use countertops will increase functionality and purpose in the kitchen. Current trends include expansive butcher blocks, stainless steel islands and underlit glass countertops that come in an array of colors and patterns.

3.) Eco-friendly materials: In addition to energy-efficient appliances, more people have become drawn to eco-friendly materials that can be showcased throughout the kitchen. Many eco-friendly products lend themselves to a natural look which integrates well with high-tech gadgets. Picture an electronics charging station on top of a solid bamboo block or an espresso machine on top of an IceStone recycled-glass countertop.– BKC Kitchen

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