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Kitchen Remodeling | Custom Design Tips

Kitchen Remodeling | Custom kitchen design can be daunting, the sheer variety of design options, material options, color options, and more options, options, options! Find a designer and builder in the area who is willing to help you work through all of the options to help you find the best products for your kitchen. We’re glad you stumbled upon our blog today, because that’s exactly what we enjoy. We have been in the business of creating custom kitchens for homeowners in the area for many years. We have the experience you need and plenty of references to share. Let’s talk details!


Custom cabinets are absolutely the way to go when you’re truly going to customize your kitchen. Your local hardware or home improvement store will likely have a section for custom cabinetry, or you can look for someone to custom build cabinets for you. The decision is ultimately yours. Let us know if we can help with this process in any way.


Marble, quartz, granite, and formica are very popular countertop options. Marble is, of course, the more expensive choice. Granite is less expensive but a very popular material. One thing we do want to bring up is that quartz is very quickly becoming a favorite among people who design and build custom kitchens.


Hinges, doorknobs, cabinet and drawer door handles, and faucets should all be made of a similar material with a similar finish. This really helps pull the overall kitchen design together at the end of the project.


Stainless steel appliances were number-one again in 2014 as far as new appliances are concerned. In fact, the second runner up was a massive 63% behind stainless steel in terms of popularity. So as far as trends go, stainless steel appliances are still the most popular. They look great in any type of kitchen from traditional to modern, and seem to hold their appearance much better than black, bone, or white appliances.



Kitchen lighting options are pretty overwhelming for most homeowners. We often recommend LED lighting because it is more energy efficient and produces a true color light. This means your paint colors will look richer, and you’ll see more detail in most finishes.


Kitchen paint colors vary from homeowner to homeowner. We saw some pretty unusual finishes in 2014 that ranged from dark walls and white cabinetry to brightly colored walls with dark cabinetry. Neutral gray was a very popular choice for kitchens as it works well with most accent colors.  We always recommend collecting images you find online or in magazines so you can get a good idea of what your finished custom kitchen will look like. Use those images to tell us exactly what you love about each image.

Window Treatments

Many homeowners are choosing to streamline their entire kitchen. They’re using built-in appliances such as the range, oven, coffee maker, and microwave. They’re turning away from traditional curtains and moving toward other window dressings such as window sun screens. As we said before, options, options, options! – Renewal Design

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