Kitchen Remodeling: The Perfect Flooring

Kitchen Remodeling | Replacing the flooring is always a priority when you are remodeling your kitchen however you can’t use just any type of flooring in this part of the house. Flooring in a kitchen should be water-resistant and easy to clean. If you have children, you may want flooring that doesn’t scratch easily. If your family entertains frequently, you may want to consider flooring that is elegant and eye-catching. No matter what kind of flooring you want, the perfect time to replace it is when you are doing your kitchen remodeling.

Stone/Tile flooring is a perfect choice for families that use their kitchen frequently. Stone and tile are very durable and come in many different colors and patterns. You can even choose tiles that are decorative. Limestone is an excellent stone choice that offers a rustic look however it is porous and needs to be sealed at installation and twice per year. Limestone is high maintenance, but ceramic tile is not.

Cork is a versatile kitchen flooring material that comes in a variety of colors and is very durable. Cork is water-resistant and is a favorite choice for many homeowners because of its ability to reduce noise.

Hardwood is the most popular flooring choice and what is most often installed during kitchen remodeling. Hardwood floors look elegant and warm and can be very durable if you use pre-finished wood. There are many different hardwood choices that offer different colors and wood grains. The best thing you can do is go to your local home store or hardwood flooring retailer and look at samples to find the kind that you like best.

Laminate wood flooring is a popular alternative to hardwood because it is less expensive but often so realistic visitors won’t be able to tell the difference.

Vinyl is a flexible type of kitchen flooring that is one of the easiest to install during a kitchen remodeling project. Vinyl comes in sheets but can mimic almost any kind of flooring for a fraction of the cost. Vinyl isn’t very durable in high traffic areas compared to hardwood or stone; however, the affordability makes up for it.

Make sure to discuss with Medina Exteriors & Remodeling what kind of flooring is the best choice for your kitchen remodel.