Kitchen Remodeling? How to Choose a New Hood Fan

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One of the last things you may think of while doing a kitchen remodeling project is what kind of hood fan to install, but it’s an important part of your kitchen since it has to do with overall design as well as your home’s HVAC system. Here are a few things to consider.

To duct or not to duct?

You can choose a ducted or non-ducted vent hood. A ducted vent hood will evacuate the unwanted things like odor, smoke, and humidity from your kitchen to outside of the home. A non-ducted hood filters out things like odor and smoke and then recirculates the air back into your home. It should be noted, however, that non-ducted vents will not eliminate heat and humidity.

Size matters

The size of your range will indicate what size vent hood is best for your needs. The right sized hood will cover the width of the burners on the range and at least 50 percent of the front burners.


This is dependent on how much air needs to be moved, which is dictated by something called cubic feet per minute or CFM. A hood with a higher CFM means more air will be moved out. If you do a lot of cooking with a lot of humidity or strong odors, you need a range hood with a least 350 CFM.

kitchen remodelingUnder-cabinet hoods

This is the kind of hood you see most often in a kitchen because it’s economical. It is, as you probably guessed, mounted under the cabinets that are directly above the cooktop.


Wall-mounted chimney

These are moderately priced and are installed against the wall of the kitchen. They are “chimney style” because their shape is similar to that of a home chimney.


kitchen remodelingCeiling-mounted chimney

These are also referred to as “island hoods” because they can be installed in the middle of the room if your cooktop is located on a kitchen island. These are high-end and often are dramatic in both design and scale. These are some sophisticated hoods.


Downdraft ventilation

You may have seen these in high-tech kitchens. These are used mostly with kitchen island cooktops or peninsulas. They’re different because they funnel the air down, under the floor, and out – kind of like the vent on your clothes dryer.

So which should you choose? Now that you know the styles available and what to look for, talk to a home improvement expert or a contractor to see which is best suited for your kitchen. There are so many options that you are certain to find the perfect hood to fit your style, needs, and budget. — From Modernize

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