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Kitchen Remodeling | Kitchen Design Styles

Kitchen Remodeling | Kitchen design is not one sided and does not trap every homeowner into a generic style. As you look at designing your kitchen, make sure your voice is heard and your ideas are followed. Your unique kitchen design style will speak volumes and make a positive impression to others when they visit.

Tell us what you like in a kitchen. Do you prefer one style over another? Today we’re going to go over several different styles and discuss how they’re different.

Modern – The modern kitchen has a lot of matching pieces. The kitchen isn’t just about cooking; it’s about giving people the ability to learn, share, and communicate as a family. You’ll see elements like flat-panel door styles, overlay cabinet designs, simple hardware on cabinets, and a lack of ornaments, fixture embellishments and more in a modern style kitchen. Think sleek, well lit, and clear when you think modern kitchen design.

Craftsman – The Craftsman style is interesting in that it focuses on function and rustic elements. Wood grains that are clean, unpainted, and natural; cabin themes and deep oaks are what you may see in a Craftsman kitchen. Look for simple lighting styles; there are no visual stand outs that take away from function and style here, but rather simple with a light touch. Counters with natural stone, tiles that complement, and tile backdrops that blend seamlessly with counter tops all work well in the craftsman style kitchen.

Traditional – “Traditional” elements can vary from area to area, but you’ll find some interesting elements here. Look for architectural finger prints along windows, range hoods, and molding around various components. Decorations can create interesting elements as well including cabinet doors, varnishes, and colored accents alongside backdrops, backsplashes and the like.

Farmhouse – Farmhouse design is definitely an interesting concept in terms of kitchen design. Look for white to be the color of choice for many cabinets, walls, and backsplashes. The sink will be a stand out here. Butcherblock countertops are an excellent option for farmhouse style kitchens because they offer a natural appeal with excellent functionality. Open shelves, and glass cabinet elements let you see dishes and pieces that otherwise would be hidden, giving this a more vibrant feel.

Industrial – Here is a concept that can sometimes be mistaken for modern. Industrial kitchen design utilizes stainless steel for appliances, countertops, and other areas. Lighting fixtures may be described as steampunk. Look for open floor plans, high ceilings, multifunction countertops with seating, and large sinks in an industrial style kitchen. Think very expansive, as function is paramount, but not without large open space and concepts that look more at home in a restaurant than your average family home. This is a tough one to pull off at times, but can be done with the right attention to the minor details.

While you can change the cabinets and appliances, there’s so much more to a kitchen remodeling project than just throwing around a sledgehammer and coating new walls with paint. Your custom kitchen must be functional whether you want to entertain or you simply want to have something inspirational for when you cook. Your remodeled kitchen doesn’t have to fit into any specific mold. It has to fit your needs and your individual tastes. – Renewal Design

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