Kitchen Remodeling | Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

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Kitchen Remodeling | Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling | For many households, the kitchen tends to be the room of the house that people naturally gravitate towards, especially during family gatherings and entertaining events.

It’s no wonder then that people are always looking for ways to spruce it up and keep the room fresh. As you think of the coming family gatherings and events, we’ve put together a list of five hot trends to consider when updating your kitchen:

  1. Light and bright!

If you’re thinking of remodeling the kitchen, but don’t have the space or budget to go bigger, think about making it lighter and brighter. A brighter, more up-to-date coloring and better lighting will really refresh your kitchen.

Generally, colors chosen by homeowners for all areas of the kitchen are soft and/or neutral with something bright or flashy in the backsplash. Colors for cabinets seem to be drifting back to the painted look again. Both rich colors and whites are in style. Sometimes the color or finish of the island may differ from the rest of the cabinets for an eclectic look. Many homes have begun adding under cabinet LED lighting to give it a modern and distinctive look.

  1. Make room!

If you are thinking of expanding your kitchen, you will have to take down a wall or two to make sure that things seem more spacious. For cabinets, look for larger drawers, and in-cabinet roll-out trays and built-in storage areas. You’ll also want to choose cabinets with cleaner lines to make for less dusting and polishing. If you’re changing the layout, be sure to add an island in the middle of the kitchen. Surround the island with upholstered chairs and turn it into a cozy spot for the family or guests to have dinner.

  1. Counters count!

When you choose counter materials, you might crave granite because of its dramatic look. But take a look at quartz, too, because it can be stronger and much easier to care for. It can be dramatic, too, and in some cases a bit more affordable. Wooden butcher-block countertops are also good for islands even when the rest of the counters may be covered in stone.

  1. Stick with stainless!

Although appliance makers have been trying to sell homeowners on new colors and styles, stainless steel still remains the most popular design material for dishwashers, ranges, refrigerators and more. Wooden panels that match your new cabinets are another option for the fronts of appliances.

  1. Calling all chefs!

If you’re a serious chef, have a high-powered kitchen hood installed over your cooktop. It can help keep the house cooler during our long, hot summers. Microwaves combined with kitchen exhaust fans are a great space saver, but you can’t get the same power from those combos. You’re better off building a drawer-style microwave into your cabinets and having a separate exhaust for cooking. – KTAR

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