Kitchen Remodeling | Outside the Box Remodeling Ideas

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Kitchen Remodeling | Outside the Box Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen Remodeling | If you watch just a few minutes of any show on HGTV, you know that there are some common design features that have become expected in today’s kitchen remodels: granite or quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and kitchen islands to name a few.  Whilte these features make for a beautiful design, there’s more that goes in to a custom kitchen. The real fun in remodeling a kitchen is creating an unexpected feature or using an atypical material that makes a space special.

Richlite countertops are an eco-friendly paper-based fiber composite.  This durable surface is heat and scratch resistant and easy to maintain.  The matte finish is smooth and adds a relaxed warmth to a space.

Concrete is another material less commonly used for countertops.  While it may sound too industrial to some, when done properly, concrete countertops can add a casual elegance to your kitchen.

Kitchen islands are a highly sought after feature as they add extra counter space for food prep as well as additional storage. Fortunately, the popularity of open floor plans usually allows ample space to accommodate this design feature.  For homeowners who would also like an eat-in kitchen area but are limited on square footage, consider building bench seating into the island that fits nicely under one or two sides of kitchen table.

Pantry space can be built in to the cabinetry or as a closet built in to the wall.  If you choose the closet option, using a sliding door instead of a hinged door is a great space saver as well as an eye catcher!  Sliding barn doors mounted to the wall are quickly growing in popularity.

Another way to incorporate repurposed materials into your kitchen design is by installing recycled rubber floors.  This green alternative comes in a variety of colors, it’s easy to clean, and it’s durable!  Rubber floors do lean toward a more contemporary or modern design, but a good designer has the eye to make this material work in your custom kitchen.  Hatchett Design

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