Kitchen Remodeling | Quick Tips for the Holidays

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Kitchen Remodeling | Quick Tips for the Holidays

Kitchen Remodeling | The holiday season is filled with family and friends visiting your home. Here are some easy tips to improve your home for the holidays.

There are great little improvements you can make to your home prior to the busy holiday season, without disrupting the house. We recommend starting with the guest bathroom, the guest bathroom is one of the most heavily trafficked rooms of the house during the holidays. Put a fresh coat of paint on the bathroom if needed, remove any old caulking and add some holiday cheer by changing out the towels and floor mats.

The next busiest area is the kitchen, and it will be one of the most used and visited rooms in the house during the holidays. By adding an island to the kitchen area it will provide much needed counter space and sitting area. For under $500 you can find a very attractive kitchen island that is mobile and extremely functional. Also if you have the space drape garland around the top of the kitchen cabinets really helps warm the kitchen up for the holiday.

“Lighting is by far one of the most overlooked features to improving the character of a room.” We recommend giving old lighting fixtures a good cleaning and by adding dimmers you can really change the mood of a room. We also recommends grabbing a couple strands of Christmas lights and some garland and draping it over the fireplace – Dover Remodeling

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