Kitchen Remodeling Trends: Black Kitchens

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Black is elegant, dramatic, stunning, and sophisticated. Whether it’s a little black dress or black cat, the color black stands out. As you explore kitchen remodeling ideas, options and solutions, keep in mind that the dark hue is a classic signature color that works well in a number of designs, especially when it comes to choosing a color scheme for your kitchen.

While white kitchens will always be the most classic choice for cabinetry, black cabinetry is having a BIG moment right now. A little bolder than the popular gray, black is still traditional but with an edge. This choice works especially well in bright, open kitchens, but can also make small kitchens feel more special and interesting.

Black is replacing white or gray as the go-to choice for trophy kitchens across the country. “Kitchen noir” is also trending on social media sites such as Pinterest and in the portfolios of high-end kitchen designers, where trends often are hatched.

Customers are looking for something their neighbors don’t have yet, designers say. Black kitchens also appeal to both men and women. Black custom cabinets are growing in popularity, as are black counters, islands, flooring and wall colors. Designers say that black is moody and romantic and brings drama to the room in the house where everyone likes to hang out.

Nobody likes a trend better than us at Medina ExteriorsBut we feel it is our duty to warn you of the downside of this dark fashion. Black is hard to keep clean — fingerprints on black ranges and granite countertops are a constant nuisance — and nicks and scratches in black cabinets stand out. Also, black is very specific and could make your home harder to sell.

No matter how you choose to use black in your kitchen remodeling design it is important to use it in moderation as opposed to making it the dominant color. A cheery green kitchen might benefit from the addition of a butcher’s block designed with a classic black hue in mind, but the result will be fresh flexibility without creating a moody environment.



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