Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Are Making a Comeback

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Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Are Making a Comeback

Kitchen Remodeling | If you haven’t already noticed, what’s old is new again!  While your kids are sporting your grunge style of the 90s, the bold graphic tees of the 80s and the Boho look of the 70s, kitchen design trends are also taking a trip back to the future; and we have our eyes set on the trends that are experiencing a rebirth in 2015.


After spending your summer vacation helping your mother take down wallpaper, you swore you’d never have wallpaper in your own home.  Well, you might want to reconsider that decision.  Today’s wallpapers come in a variety of beautiful patterns and color palettes that add dimension and texture to a space; and it’s easier to put up (and take down) than it used to be.  Whether on the wall or in the interior of your kitchen cabinets, wallpaper may be just the thing to make your space special.


Brass is back!  Now granted, it’s not necessarily the super shiny polished brass of eras past, but antiqued or oil-brushed brass is making a big comeback this year. The golden hues of this metal used in your kitchen hardware and fixtures can bring a warmth to an otherwise sterile palette.

Retro Appliances

What can we say, there’s just a cute kitschiness to these playful appliance that harken back to happy days gone by.

Mid-Century Modern

The design movement that spanned through the decades before and after the 1950s is back and bold in 2015.  The simple, clean, architectural aesthetic of Mid-Century Modern decor has found its place in modern day design due in large part to the popularity of the TV show, Mad Men.  By incorporating furniture and accessories that possess that Mid-Century flair with modern day materials and color schemes, kitchen designers are putting a fresh spin on a timeless classic.  Hatchett Design

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