Kitchen Remodeling | Trends of 2015

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Kitchen Remodeling | Trends of 2015

Kitchen Remodeling | I have a tradition. Every Friday night, before I go to bed, I do not set an alarm. I leisurely wake up on Saturday morning and proceed to sort through Pinterest for the next thirty minutes or so; pinning recipes and outfit ideas, but mostly room inspiration.

I moved into my place almost a year ago and it’s pretty well decorated, but I still love scrolling through Pinterest and keeping up on the latest trends in home décor. Right now, I’m looking for ways to cool my predominately warm, tan kitchen.

There are so many fun kitchen trends happening right now! From simple things like shelving to more detailed projects, like flooring, these popular kitchen renovations will update your kitchen and make it feel new again!

Head of the Class with Brass

When I was growing up, we had brass fixtures in nearly every room and I hated it. I thought it looked old and outdated. I would have given anything for those chrome accessories I saw in all of the magazines.

Well, as they say, history always repeats itself, because those brass fixtures are back – and I have to say, these brass fixtures look pretty great!

To keep these pieces from looking like they just crawled out of the 1980’s, choose brass fixtures with modern shapes and designs. Remember to stay away from colors that are too similar to their warm hue. Instead pair them with contrasting colors, like gray, white or blue.

The New Neutral

There’s a new neutral that you see all over magazines and renovation shows. Gray is the trend in home décor and it’s popping up in kitchen designs too! From cabinetry to flooring, gray is being given new life – and it looks so chic!

David Waguespack says, “White and gray is the color palette this year. Grey stains are on a variety of wood species for cabinets being introduced to meet the demand. The opposite color palette is also very popular: white cabinets with grey countertops.”

Not sure you want to commit to gray cabinets or countertops just yet? Try this trend out with some smaller, less permanent accessories like a kitchen rug, towels or placemats.

Basic Interests

Clean, simple and basic looks never go out of style. Something like white subway tiles are always going to look classic and sleek as your kitchen back splash, but you can dress them up a bit and add some interest, just in how you place them.

Patrick J Hamilton is a big fan of using basic materials in interesting ways.

“I just finished a kitchen where we used plain old white subway tile for the backsplash, and black matte porcelain tile for the floor, but applied them both in a herringbone pattern,” says Hamilton. “Never underestimate the power of something basic used in a new way.”

Seeing Quartz

Granite countertops have been all the rage for the past few years, but recently, new stone countertops have emerged; primarily, quartz countertops. They’re often seen as an alternative to granite because they’re strong, durable and not porous, which makes it perfect for the kitchen.

Quartz countertops are manufactured pieces, which means they’re slightly more expensive, but you can get them in nearly any color or pattern. You can even get quartz fabricated to look like marble!

Quartz is also stain and heat resistant. There is no better or trendier choice for a kitchen countertop and designers agree.

“I’m excited by the incredible improvements in engineered quartz and composite materials designed to mimic natural stone. And I like that we’re moving away from super high gloss countertops to more natural, honed finishes,” says Hamilton.

Out in the Open

Storage is always a priority, especially in the kitchen. For years people wanted more cabinet space to hide their dinnerware and kitchen appliances, but lately, homeowners are opting for a different look. Open shelving is making its way into kitchens across the nation.

Not only can open shelving be a great way to display beautiful dishes and interesting glassware, sometimes it can actually increase your storage capacities. Who doesn’t love that!

Open shelving is less expensive than traditional cabinetry and keeps your kitchen feeling open. If you have a small kitchen, this is a great money saving technique to make your area feel more open, and a little bigger.

Whether you implement one trend or combine them all, your kitchen will be looking trendy and modern in no time. Are you excited by the comeback of brass? Or maybe the emergence of quartz! Zing

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