How to prepare your home for the Holidays

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Everyone wants their home to look and function properly for them and their guests, especially during the holidays. This is why good entertainment space is usually high on the wish list of many new home buyers. Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, guest accommodations and outdoor spaces are all important areas when you have visitors, especially during the holiday season.

Preparing your home for holiday entertaining can be a fun and rewarding experience, if you follow some basic guidelines. The following list outlines important “Do’s”to consider before you begin a holiday remodeling project.

DO consider everything you’ll having going on in your life between now and the first of January. Can you take on a remodeling project with your current obligations? Do you have the time to work with your contractor? Remodeling can be stressful. Your home may be in disarray during construction. You may not have access to certain parts of the house. And you’ll have strangers in your home for extended periods. So, make sure you can handle these drawbacks.You still have time to create the home of your dreams before your holiday guests arrive. However, think long and hard about whether you can deal with this during the time leading up to the holidays. If you’ll be consumed with other holiday projects, you may want to hold off on remodeling until the first of the year when you may have more time to devote it.

DO evaluate your home carefully to determine what projects would have the most impact from an entertaining standpoint. What will make your hosting job easier and less stressful? What changes can you make to enhance your guests’ experiences? In other words, compare how your home currently functions for you and your guests to how you would like it to function. For example, if you’re cooking a meal for many guests, how can your kitchen better serve you? Do you have the right layout and appliances to work efficiently? Can you store all the extra holiday items you’ll need? What about space for your guests? You need to make sure everyone is comfortable during their stay. So, evaluate traffic flow, bathroom facilities, guest rooms, living areas, outdoor areas and dining areas.

DO think about holiday ambiance. You want your guests to enjoy this special time of year and have a memorable experience in your home. If you look at your home objectively, you can determine how to change the function to increase comfort. But, you also want to consider how it looks and feels. Is your design outdated? Can you easily and effectively accommodate your holiday décor to create an inviting holiday atmosphere?

DO your homework and hire the right remodeling contractor. With the holidays just around the corner, you can’t afford to experience any set-backs. Is this really the time to take a chance on a contractor? To make sure your remodeling project is delivered just as you expected and in time for your holiday guests, take the time to thoroughly evaluate prospective remodeling companies. Although you may feel rushed to get your project underway so it’s finished in time, don’t skip the critical evaluation step. A reputable contractor will not take on a project it can’t complete within your time frame. They won’t say yes to your every request just to get the job, and then not deliver. The last thing you want is a house under construction when your guests arrive. So, get referrals. Spend the appropriate amount of time reviewing the qualifications of each prospective remodeling company. Interview them carefully. Then check references thoroughly.

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