Remodel with Green Plumbing

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Remodel with Green Plumbing

Switching to green plumbing can reduce energy costs and water usage. Water conservation is an important step in creating an eco-friendly home and saving money. When you are remodeling your home it is essential to consider upgrading the basics. If you are wondering what your options are, here are a few ideas:

Insulate your pipes – Not having insulated pipes can cause a significant amount of heat loss when water travels from your water heater to faucet.

Remove plumbing from exterior walls – If possible, you should avoid running your home’s plumbing through outside walls. Try instead running pipes through conditioned spaces to reduce heat loss from outside temperatures.

Install Low-Flow shower heads, faucets, toilets, and appliances – Can reduce your overall water flow by up to 50%. Not using as much water saves you on your bills, and is good for water conservation. Eco-friendly dishwashers and laundry machines are also a great option.

Install a whole house water filtration system – This can remove potentially harmful particles, chemicals, and microorganisms from your home water.

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When renovating more than just your pipes think about something like this: A three-sided sink flows into the shower, where it then drains into a graywater system that irrigates the yard. Neat green plumbing options like this will not only make your bathroom remodel unique but environment friendly. Call Medina Exteriors & Remodeling today to discuss green plumbing options for your bathroom remodeling project.


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