Roofing | Here Is Why You Should Change Your Roof Right Away

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Roofing | Here Is Why You Should Change Your Roof Right Away


Roofing | If you make a list of the most neglected parts of the house, then it’s highly likely roofs will come at the top of the list. Not many of us take a look at the roofs too often. There are a number of factors that can contribute to the wear and tear of your roof. The periodic change of climate and weather is one of them. In these cases it may be necessary to either mend or replace the roof altogether.

If you are not sure if your roof needs replacement, continue reading.

Curling Shingles

One of the most obvious signs that you need a roof replacement is the curling of shingles. If you notice the shingles of your roof curling, contact a roofing contractor straight away. With curling shingles, water can reach the interior ceiling effortlessly, thus making it much more costly to do the renovations if neglected.

Shingles are covered in Mold

If you are located in a humid and moist environment, your roof will not dry quickly which can create mold and algae on the shingles. Algae and mold is not only harmful for your health but also for the health of your pets. Hence, if you notice a lot of mold growing on the shingles of your roof, it is time you consider replacing the roof.

Attic has Sunlight

The attic of your house will make it very easy to find out if your roof needs to be replaced. If you see sunlight coming in from the attic of your house, it is a sure sign that you need a roof replacement. Why? Because if sunlight can pass through the roof, so can rain water!

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