Swimming Pool Deck Designs

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These products can transform unattractive surfaces into beautiful functional surfaces in a few days. The popularity of decorative concrete has spread worldwide and is used on residential and commercial properties. Here is a list of options.

1. Spray Systems – Spray down concrete systems are thin coats for resurfacing existing concrete. Stencils and the use of unlimited color can create swimming pool deck designs in many brick or stone patterns. There is even software imaging that will show a client exactly what the final result will look like.

2. Stampable Overlays – These are thicker coatings than the spray system. When you need a thicker system to blend with an adjacent surface stampable overlays solve this problem. Thickness can be adjusted. There are stamps that make it possible to stamp at a minimum of 1/4 inch thick. Unlimited swimming pool deck designs can be created with patterns and color. For use over existing concrete.

3. Stamped Concrete – Stamped concrete has been around for a while. When done properly stamped concrete looks great. This is for new concrete. Lots of options for swimming pool deck designs, patios, walkways and driveways. The only negative I hear from consumers is the expansion joint s that cut through the pattern.

4. Pavers – Pavers are precast concrete. They come in many styles with unlimited designs. Benefits are that they don’t crack like concrete. If an area becomes uneven the pavers can removed, smooth the grade beneath and reset the paver. The correct sealers will restore faded pavers like new. The only negative is the weeds that will grow through.

Most companies who manufacture the products have created videos showing the processes and design options which makes it easier to make a decision. The 4 options mentioned are ideal for creating value added swimming pool deck designs whether you have existing concrete or planning a new deck.

Other option to consider for pool decks is the coping for the edges. There are numerous options for coping design utilizing stamped concrete, pavers or custom stone.


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