What Are Metal Roofing Panels?

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What Are Metal Roofing Panels?

Today, metal roofing panels offer more choices than virtually any other roofing material due to their vast array of color options, textures, finishes, and various profiles. What does this mean? It means the chances are extremely high for incorporating the ideal metal roof in order to enhance the architecture of a building whether it’s a residential home or a commercial business, while boosting the value and increasing the overall life of it as well. Besides, the more choices you have also means the more style you can put into the overall look.

Here are some are some of the best features about installing metal roof panels and what you can expect:

Durability and lifespan

A properly installed metal roof will likely last as long as the very building it’s installed upon. How’s that for longevity? Metal roofs, including steel and copper, outperform any other conventional type roofs regarding things like extreme weather, harsh UV sun rays, high winds, snow, ice, and relentless rain. Keep in mind that not even treacherous winds, pouring rain, or icy snow will damage a highly durable steel roof. This is great peace of mind for homeowners who experience harsh winters and grueling hot summers.

Environmentally friendly

Most metal roof panels consist of recycled materials and can also be recycled themselves. They come in several finishes that are highly energy-efficient, which greatly decrease the work load for your furnace and air conditioning. Because they last longer, they save money over time as well as lessen the dependency on overseas oil production as well.

Roofing weight

When it comes to replacing a roof, weight is a huge consideration. In order to avoid paying a structural engineer for a consultation on your roof replacement, it’s best to select the same material or one that weighs less. Metal roof panels not only last longer than any other kind of roofing material and offer superior performance, they’re also very lightweight. In fact, metal roof panels are incredibly ten times lighter than more conventional roofing materials. In many cases, your new metal roof can be installed over your current roof, which helps save money as well as supporting the environment by not needing to remove the old material.

Saving money

Indeed, your new metal roof is going to cost a good amount of money upfront. However, over time it saves money since you’ll eliminate the need to replace it down the road. The expense for some shingle replacements have literally doubled over the last decade. Therefore, if a roof replacement costs $4,000 today, you’ll likely be forced to pay another $8,000 later on to upgrade. Some metal roofs may also qualify for tax rebates.

So, what’s the take away? If following eco-friendly methods and saving money ranks high on your list, then your choice of roofing materials is inevitably a big concern of yours. Metal roofing should ideally be at the top of that list. – Modernize

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