What Floors To Choose For Your Kitchen Remodeling

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Just because you walk all over it doesn’t mean your kitchen floors can’t be stunning. Wood, slate, tile, even paint: Beautiful floors can be made of anything and are available in a mind-blowing variety of looks for your kitchen remodeling project. Whether your kitchen is contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between, check out these great kitchen floors that almost look too good to walk on.

That bleached, beach look

If you’re torn between white tile and hardwood flooring, the floors of this modern kitchen meet somewhere in the middle. The light color of the wood makes it look bleached, almost like it’s been pulled off the side of some forgotten coastal shed, but it’s not so light that you lose the grain and the nice natural texture.

Shy gray tile

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The gray tiles of this kitchen make the floors almost look like they’ve been primed for painting and forgotten. Allowing the island, bright blue walls, and white cabinets to really stand out, there’s something chic, modern, and yet retro about the gray tile floor in this kitchen.

Painted floors? Painted floors!

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Speaking of primed and painted floors, that’s exactly what was done to the floors in this kitchen, which puts a modern twist on traditional design. The wooden floors were painted gray, which again serves to create a neutral backdrop that showcases the white, the wood, and the stainless steel accents.

The secret ingredient is plywood

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You probably can’t tell, but the lovely floors in this sleek, contemporary kitchen are actually made of hardwood. When cut into hardwood-sized strips, laid down like hardwood, stained and sealed, plywood can look exactly like the expensive hardwood floors you’ve been admiring, but at just a fraction of the cost.

Slate is great

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Did you know that slate isn’t just for your roof? The floors in this kitchen have created this look using slate tiles in a variety of tones. Not only is slate incredibly durable, but it’s also modern. Slate is a great way to make your floors visually interesting on their own, but without taking away from the rest of your kitchen.

Tile for miles

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When you’ve got lots of kitchen floor to cover, choosing a bold, rich ceramic tile to be the focal point of your modern kitchen is always a viable option. Plenty of stainless steel and the gray cabinets in this kitchen allow the warm, textured ceramic floors to really shine.





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