Whole Home Remodeling Tips

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Whole Home Remodeling Tips

Home Remodeling | Before you panic or click away for fear of sticker shock, let me explain that a whole house redesign doesn’t necessarily mean knocking down all walls and starting from scratch. The basic structure of your home will remain intact, but we will redesign certain rooms, remodel the kitchen and bathrooms if you wish, and make whatever other changes you want. Some rooms, the family room for instance, may only require new paint, new windows, or updated flooring. Other rooms may only require paint, or nothing at all.

Build a New Home vs. Redesign and Remodel
One of the primary questions you need to ask your self is – should you remodel your existing home or build a new custom home? That choice is, of course, entirely yours. Several key factors need to be taken into consideration. Let’s take a look at a few of the big ones:
Building a new home requires the acquisition of land, footers to be dug, foundation to be poured, and every stage of construction leading up to the completed home. Remodeling your existing home requires none of those additional costs. Your basic structure, the foundation, plumbing, and electric wires are already in place.

Plan for Now and Later
Planning your whole house remodel will take time. You will likely need to consult an architect as well as a contractor. Your existing home has specific support beams and support walls that simply cannot be removed and replaced without ensuring that the support remains in place. Removing areas of support without replacing them all but guarantees that your home will become structurally unsafe.

While planning your remodel, keep in mind that you’re planning for now and for the future as well. Many people live in their homes through their retirement years, and well into their 80s. Mobility issues will likely arise in your later years, so plan ahead and include handrails, grab bars, wide hallways and doorways, and accessible showers and tubs.
Planning your remodel to include your senior years will increase the value of your home and make life much easier on you in the future. Adding a doorway to adjoin your bedroom to your baby’s bedroom may be a great idea for now, but think about what the teen years are going to bring.

Up to Code
This would be the perfect time to make sure all of the wiring and plumbing in your home is up to code. Replace any damaged or worn wiring with new, and replace all light switches and electrical sockets while you’re into it.

Go Solar
The Federal Tax Credit for installing solar panels expires at the end of 2016. Why not take advantage of it before it’s too late? Solar panels are a great investment for the future because they effectively reduce energy bills. The initial investment will be offset by tax credits and they will continue to pay for themselves through reduced energy costs. – Renewal Design

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