Windows | Why You Should Consider Replacing

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Windows | Why You Should Consider Replacing


Windows |  When installed in your house tend to become unsafe and loose over the years. They can cost you a lot when they become easy to pry open by a burglar who can then rob you of your essentials. They also add to the aesthetic appeal of your house and thus worn out windows will make the house look old and unattractive. Therefore, in such cases, it becomes almost necessary for the homeowners to change their windows. If you are still not convinced then continue reading to find out more reasons why you should consider replacing your worn out window right now.

Loose Windows Can Increase Your Bills

Wondering how? Imagine all the heat and cold lost to the loose windows and how the HVAC unit will have to work tirelessly and continuously to keep the required temperature of your house as per your requirements. This will increase the electricity bills and will make them sky high.

They Can Destroy Your Home Décor And Furniture

Yes, you read that right. Loose ones cannot keep the UV rays out of the house. With sunlight constantly falling on the furniture, it tends to lose its shine and gloss over time. It also becomes prone to wear and tear. Replacing windows can save you the cost of changing your furniture again and again.

Energy Saving Product And Tax Credit

You will be surprised to know that you will be given a 30% tax credit if you replace your window. Wondering how its possible? The Federal Government passed a bill in 2009 which stated that if the homeowner purchases energy saving products, they will be given tax credit. And, yes, replacing windows and doors also fall under the same category.

Are you now convinced?

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