Bathroom Remodeling | Latest Bathroom Remodeling Trends in 2016

Bathroom Remodeling | A bathroom remodeling project does not necessarily need a large space, fancy ideas, or huge budget. In fact, the latest bathroom renovation trends are more cost-effective and favorable for all members of the family. Here are the latest trends of bathroom remodeling in 2016. These trends are expected to stay the same in the coming year also.

Smart Storage

Vertical cabinets and shelves have replaced bathroom wardrobes. Previously, the wardrobes and cabinets occupied separates spaces in the bathroom. The new trend of smart storage conceives wardrobes and cabinets as one unit. The cabinets are mostly built under the mirror, whereas the vertical shelves are built on either sides of the mirror. The cabinets also include drawers to keep sanitary items, which is why people do not install a separate sanitary carrier in the bathroom.

Shower Seats

Shower seat is an innovative trend to make the shower more relaxing. It is also useful for homes with senior people. A shower seat occupies lesser space than a walk-in shower, even if it is enclosed in glass.

Square Fixtures

The latest bathroom remodeling trend in sinks, bathtubs and mirrors is the square shape. The diaphragm of a circular fixture is square in engineering designs. However, the square fixture provides larger exposure and better usability than circular fixture because it utilizes the entire space of its diaphragm.

Resource Efficient Fixtures

Adding more to civil responsibility, the latest and most important trend in bathroom renovation is the use of resource efficient fixtures. The installment of skylights helps save energy. Some people install energy-efficient bulbs also. Such fixtures also include water efficient showers, faucets, and other elements. The spray design of taps helps reduce the amount of water required for washing hands or face. The showerhead with digital lights calculates the amount of water and glows in different colors like green and red to send warning signs that the person has consumed XYZ liters of water.

These bathroom remodeling trends provide the foundation for upcoming bathroom trends in 2017 and help save the environment and resources.

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