Medina, Ohio Master Bathroom Remodel – Heuer

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LOCATION & TYPE:  Medina Bathroom Remodel

The Heuer’s wanted to update their master bathroom by giving it a full gut remodel. We worked together to achieve the look they were striving for with a light grey vanity from our cabinetry line Holiday Kitchens Select and Corian’s stratus white countertop. Homeowners completed their vanity section reusing their existing mirrors, but updating the vanity lights.

Throughout the bathroom, Emser’s terrane gray 12” x 24” true tile was installed, which continued into the shower floor using the 2” x 2” mosaic tile in the same color. On their shower walls they had Emser’s cabo ocean 13” x 13” on the walls with Emser’s glory glitz running a 12” vertical stripe down the back wall. The glory glitz tile was also install around their tub deck to tie everything together.


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Materials by SDKB

Cabinetry – Manufacturer: Holiday Kitchens Select / Color: Gray / Door style: Madison

Countertop – Manufacturer: Corian / Color: Stratus White

Main Flooring – Emser’s Terrane Gray 12” x 24”

Shower Walls – Emser’s Cabo Ocean 13” x 13”

Shower Floor – Emser’s Cabo Ocean 2” x 2” mosaic

Shower Accent – Emser’s Glory Glitz

Waterfall accent tile along the back wall of shower

Corner Shower Shelves – Schluter’s Pentagonal Curve in Brushed Nickel

Shower Glass – Semi-framed hinged left with inline right panel “Basco” series

¼” clear glass

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