Prewitt Deck – Richfield Ohio

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LOCATION & TYPE:  Richfield Deck Build

One of the best ways to improve your home is by upgrading your outdoor living space. In Northeast Ohio, we really like to take advantage of the times we get to enjoy the outdoors. This homeowner had a large area on the back of their home that was begging for a large deck. They had a small composite deck on one side of the sunroom, but not nearly the space they were looking for. We were able to really take advantage of the area by building a deck that fits the square footage to the max.

We discussed the possibility of a drainage system called underdecking with the homeowner. This would provide a dry space under the deck, so this is how the deck was built so the drainage system could be added in the future. TimberTech Terrain Silver Maple Decking was installed with a hidden fastener system for a total of 370 square feet of decking.  TimberTech Radiance Rail Express white handrail with hardwired low voltage cap lights helps guide the way at day or night. TimberTech Fascia borders the deck and is also installed for the risers of the steps to provide a clean look, and safe stairs! We truly enjoyed working for this Richfield homeowner and they now have just what they were looking for to fill their vacant space; as you can see by the quickly placed outdoor furniture! This Richfield deck build was a success.


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