Weaver Master Bathroom Remodel – Medina Ohio

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LOCATION & TYPE:  Medina Bathroom Remodel

Ray and Kim came to us for updating the master bathroom in their Medina home. The space in the bathroom was big enough for them, but the shower was not. They had a full wall separating the tub unit and the fiberglass shower surround. The room was so dark! Kim wanted to brighten up the space and give the rest of the bathroom a facelift.

Enter Simply Distinct Kitchens and Baths…

After meeting with Ray and Kim, we went through several renditions of their potential tub and shower space. Ultimately, we decided to keep the tub, but to eliminate the wall separating it from the shower. We built a custom shower bench, added two recessed niches, and tiled from floor (or tub) to the ceiling. Once the custom glass went in, we were able to help Ray and Kim get what seemed to be a much bigger and brighter bathroom! In addition to modifying the tub and shower areas, we also updated their countertops, light fixtures, toilet, and paint during their Medina bathroom remodel.

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