Location & Type: Medina, Ohio Kitchen Remodel

Mary came to us looking to update her kitchen utilizing the same layout. She wanted to create a lighter and brighter feel, while highlighting unique features. We were able to achieve this by installing 2 tone colored cabinets using Grabill custom cabinets. For the base cabinets and pantry cabinet Mary selected true blue glaze as the color, and super white for her wall cabinets. Also, in the wall angled cabinet, Mary wanted a glass enhancement to showcase certain items. For the countertop, Cambria’s Seagrove was used. The look was tied together with Emer’s Logic gray gloss 3” x 6” subway tile. Other materials used include; Blanco’s Ikon apron front sink in metallic gray, delta’s hand free esque kitchen faucet, and Lydia t-shape knobs (wall and upper pantry doors) and Lydia pulls (base and lower pantry doors).

Cabinetry: Grabill frameless

            Wall cabinets: Door style – Hampshire 3 ¼  /  Color – Super white

            Base cabinets: Door style – Hampshire 3 ¼  /  Color – True blue glaze

            Tall Pantry cabinet: Door style – Hampshire 3 ¼  /  Color – True blue glaze

Countertop: Manufacturer – Cambria  /  Color – Seagrove

Top knobs:

            Wall cabinets (and upper pantry doors) – Lydia T shape knob (TK790BLK)

            Base cabinets (and lower pantry doors) – Lydia Pull 3 ¾ (TK793BLK)

Plumbing fixtures:

            Kitchen sink (apron front) – Blanco Ikon 33 / Color – Metallic Gray

            Kitchen faucet – Delta hands-free esque

            Disposal – Luxart finale ¾ HP

Tile: Manufacturer – Emser / Color – Logic gray glass 3” x 6”

            Termination – Gray gloss bullnose

            Grout – Custom #370 Dove gray

            Caulk – Custom #370 Dove gray

Undercabinet lighting: SF9Q Series – ¼ watt