Medina, Ohio Kitchen Remodel – Stacko

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LOCATION & TYPE:  Medina Kitchen Remodel

The Stacko’s were looking to update their kitchen and increase the functionality of it. We were able to achieve this by adding a large pantry with roll out shelves, appliance garage in the corner which sat on top of the countertop, and inserts within the cabinets (spice rack, double waste basket, cutlery, lazy susan, tray divider, and rollouts). Since Clara loves to cook, we made sure the space had ample lighting by adding in under cabinet lights. Lastly, the space was brightened up with Bellmont’s 1900 series cabinets in the color Amazon and Zodiaq’s Venetia cream quartz countertop.


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Cabinets – Manufacturer: Bellment (1900 Series) / Color: Amazon / Door style: Chesterfield

Countertop – Venetia Cream by Zodiaq (eased edge, which is the standard edge profile)

Cup pulls – Adrendal cup pull by Tok Knobs

Knobs – Reeded knob by Top Knobs

Kitchen sink – Diamond double bowl undermount sink by Blanco

Kitchen faucet – Sculpture in a brushed nickel finish by Luxart

Under cabinet lighting – ¼ watt low voltage, 2700K warm white light

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