Moldy Siding Replacement – Medina Ohio

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Medina Siding Replacement

LOCATION & TYPE:  Medina Ohio – Siding Replacement

We do a lot of siding projects for many different reasons, this one in Medina was a little different in that the brick was the main driving force. The brick on this home is two toned yellow and brown, and had a lot of contrast. The homeowner wanted to see if we could tone down the loudness of the contrast, and by using a computer digitally enhanced photo of the front of their home, we showed them they could. By matching the darker brick with the siding, the yellow didn’t create as much of a stand out in contrast. The homeowner selected CertainTeed Restoration Classic in Espresso Color, with white trim and outside corners and new 5” seamless gutters with hidden hangers and new leaf relief! These homeowners have fallen in love with their home all over again!

See the before and after shots below.

Interested in Your Own Siding Project?

Visit our exterior home remodeling page to see more of the services we provide or check out the rest of our projects in our blog or gallery! If you’re interested in finding out how we earned our reputation in Medina as the best remodeling and home improvement business, contact us for questions or a free consultation. 


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