Kueneman Home Siding & Window Replacement – Medina, Ohio

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SIding & Window Replacement

LOCATION & TYPE:  Medina Siding Replacement

Be it wind, hail, or fire, we are here to help through the entire process of the insurance claim.

This project was started by a small fire that burnt siding, 4 windows, and their front porch. We were there to help with the insurance claim process. Since their original siding is no longer made, all new siding for the entire home was granted. We installed housewrap and taped all of the seams to stop drafts, and installed new CertainTeed Restoration Classic Vinyl Siding in Cypress. We also changed the outside corner posts to the same color as the soffit/fascia, which didn’t cost any more money and created an accent color on their home. We replaced 4 windows with new ProVia Endure Double Hung windows, and replaced the front porch with new treated decking. These homeowners were a pleasure to work with, and they love their new siding! But most importantly, they have their home back!

The pictures below show the work we did on the porch, windows, and siding to repair the damage done and restore the home.

If you’re in need of a Medina home improvement company give us a call to see if we can help with your project. To see more of our work, including bathroom remodelskitchen remodelsbasement remodelssidingwindowsdecks, and more, see our gallery or our blog page where we post pictures and descriptions of our previous projects. If you’d like to speak to us fill out a form or call to contact us

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