Shoemaker Shingle Replacement: Roofing in Medina, OH

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Medina Roofing – Shingle Replacement

Project Type: Medina Shingle Replacement

We were called to the scene last year to take a look at this customer’s roof. It was a referral from someone else we did work for. They had “storm chasers” out telling them they had wind damage. Being a HAAG Certified inspector for residential wind and hail damage, we inspected and quickly found out that a call to their insurance company would have been denied – and their premiums could have gone up just for making that phone call.

They appreciated the honesty and had us come back out for a proposal this year. We discussed the proper way to ventilate the home and the bathrooms, as well as shingle replacement and underlayment grades. They loved the education and when it came to doing the work, they said they couldn’t believe the work was completed in 1 day, and how professional and courteous the installation crew was. They said they are very satisfied from the beginning to the end.

The photos below show the roofing work we completed. If you’re in need of a Medina roofing company, give us a call to see if we can help with your project. To see more of our work, including bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, basement remodels, siding, windows, decks, and more, see our gallery or our blog page where we post pictures and descriptions of our previous projects. If you’d like to speak to us fill out a form or call to contact us

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